Customer terms service updating complaints

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I sent an e-mail to their customer support asking what I should do.I received a standard acknowledgment and it said they would reply shortly. This is absolutely unacceptable for any company to act in this manner. But I don't like that price too high: I think it should have been cheaper, and the warranty should be extended.I requested a refund a day after the auto-payment but they showed zero sympathy.They quickly asked to make the payment or else there will be late fees or credit collections.

So far I've tried to open up a chat connection during business hours twice with nothing but a blank screen (nobody home).This technique will not only divert focus from emotional frustration but also generate copious information about the problem at hand and help you arrive at the appropriate solution. I need to simply listen to the customer, accept the feedback, thank the person, and then decide what to do," she adds.As a bonus, the customer might feel appreciated and cared about, alleviating some of their emotional frustration.Make sure you click off the auto-renew box before you get started if you know you won't use the service frequently.I know this wasn't a big issue, nor a terrible financial loss, but it says something about how the business is run when they're not quick to understand the customer's situation. I purchased an RV 760 LM and later wanted to add a traffic receiver to the unit.

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Unfortunately, I purchased the largest South American map and I can't find anything on it. Main streets in Brazil are impossible to find let alone intersections or addresses. It was a complete waste of money since I purchased it so I don't have to use my phone. I purchased Garmin from Amazon and it was a very smooth experience.