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Every healthy relationship contains respect as a main ingredient. Respect is showing consideration, understanding, and regard for people, places, and things.

Use this video along with the suggested Classroom Activities to help you, your students, or your children learn more. The Broward Enterprise Education Portal (BEEP) is a secure, single point of access to digital resources for teaching and learning.

‘Planting Seeds of Prevention’ Curriculum Book is a teaching tool and one stop shop for all your prevention needs.

The prevention curriculum is organized into the 4 strands of prevention: Violence Prevention, Instructional Strategies, Health and Wellness, and Substance Abuse Prevention.

access beep Please Note: Any program or website being mentioned here does not imply endorsement by the School Board of Broward County and does not necessarily reflect its views.If you want this curricula in your school, contact DPI at 754-321-1655.The Safe Dates curriculum for students in grade 8 and 9 and consists of 10 lessons.Too Good for Drugs and Violence High School (9-12) is a research based curriculum to help prevent use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, as well as prescription or over the counter medication abuse.In addition, it builds skills for decision making, communication, media literacy and conflict resolution, as well as building and maintaining healthy relationships.

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