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Intercomp now introduces the single person portable AC60-LP scale, a low-profile high-capacity platform scale for narrow and wide-body aircraft.The lightweight ergonomic design eliminates the need to lift or carry the scale and enables an entire configuration to be set up by just one person.The fully electronic, certified intrinsically safe AC15-LP low profile platform scales provide the high level of reliability and performance demonstrated by Lockheed Martin’s venerable U-2 program.Application Note: Dynamic Weighbridge Technology for Gate Operations - Thessoloniki, Greece Rapid collection of weights during standard gate vehicle processing is vital to increasing the level of automation of port and terminal procedures.Application Note: Data Collection on I-90 in Washington State, USA The Washington State Department of Transportation is using Intercomp strip sensors for data collection at high speeds up to 80mph (130kmh) on Interstate 90.AC60-LP Low-Profile High-Capacity Scales For over 20 years, the aviation industry has relied upon Intercomp aircraft scales for accurate and reliable aircraft weighing systems equipment for weight and balance.Lockheed Martin’s U-2 Program Using Intercomp Aircraft Platform Scales Intercomp is pleased to announce the order of AC15-LP platform scales for Lockheed Martin’s Palmdale, California location.

American Airlines Acquires Scales from Intercomp In updating and standardizing their weighing equipment, American Airlines in Fort Worth, Texas has undergone installation and training for Intercomp low-profile platform scales for the narrow and wide-body aircraft in their fleet.

LS630 Application Note: Florida DOT Utilized Intercomp Portable Scales for Static, In-Ground Use The Florida DOT had a static weight enforcement site out of commission, so they utilized portable scales for static, in-ground use.

LS630 portable scales were deployed at a permanent weigh station to gather legal (static) weights for multiple weeks, allowing for weight enforcement with the NTEP approved scales and weighing indicator.

Manufacturers, dealers and owners need to have a better understanding of weight for the sake of compliance and safety.

Using mainline screening to identify potentially overweight vehicles at high speeds, Uruguayan infrastructure company, CIEMSA, aims to improve performance of existing in-road sensors to affect downstream weigh station efficiency.

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