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Correlative dating

C., is one of the oldest of all known medical papyri.

The seventeen columns on the recto comprise part of a surgical treatise, the first thus far discovered in the ancient Orient, whether in Egypt or Asia.

Gloss: As for: "Moor (him) at his mooring stakes," it means putting him on his customary diet, without administering to him a prescription.

Case Four Title: Instructions concerning a gaping wound in his head, penetrating to the bone, (and) splitting his skull.

It is therefore the oldest known surgical treatise.

This surgical treatise consists exclusively of cases, not recipes.

Case Three Title: [Instructions concerning] a gaping [wo]und in his head, penetrating to the bone (and) perforating his [skull].Examination: [If thou examinest a man having a gaping wound in] his [head], penetrating to the bone, (and) perforating his skull; thou shouldst palpate his wound; [shouldst thou find him unable to look at his two shoulders] and his [br]east, (and) suffering with stiffness in his neck...Diagnosis: Thou shouldst say [regarding] him: "One having [a gaping wound in his head, penetrating to the bone, (and) per]forating his skull, while he suffers with stiffness in his neck.Changes in bodily functions are also described in association with injuries of the cervical spine.Case 31 contains the first description of quadriplegic, urinary incontinence, priapism, and seminal emission following cervical vertebral dislocation.

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Two months later the same vandals sold him the remaining fragments glued onto a dummy roll.