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Red flags to look for include your partner calling you her "soulmate," discussing marriage or suggesting moving in together during the first few weeks of your relationship.If this is going on in your relationship, ask yourself if you truly believe the other person is behaving this way out of love for you.Often, a controller will start out slow, always asking questions and wanting to know where you are going.He can use tactics that are so subtle, such as "guilt tripping" you into staying with him rather than going out with your friends, that you won't even notice that you are being controlled.Often, an obsessive person chooses to rush things to have more control over the other person and to have a sense that the other person is somehow trapped and has less opportunity to leave the relationship.

This is what is meant by a “controlling” boyfriend. Generally it’s because they are scared of the vulnerability that comes with loving and trusting someone.

They may have been betrayed by a former girlfriend and fear being hurt again.

They may have grown up observing relationships where the man held the upper hand by controlling the woman.

Controlling behavior can easily spiral into emotional abuse when it involves withholding money, belittling or putting down the other person, threats and isolating the other person from friends and family.

An extremely persistent partner can also be a warning sign of a dangerous relationship.

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"Anybody who doesn't hear the word "no" is trying to control you," says security expert and author Gavin de Becker. Persistence means he is troubled." A relationship in which one person always has to get her way is unfair and unbalanced.

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