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Similar to equity markets, the first quarter of 2018 was tumultuous for fixed income investors. Since late February, equity market volatility and protectionist policies led investors to seek safety in bonds, causing yields to recede about 20bps (0.2%) to close the quarter at 2.74%. Interestingly, shorter term bond yields followed a similar trajectory.Two year Treasury yields started the year at 1.88%, rose to 2.34% on March 20th, and receded to close the quarter at 2.26%. bond yields would exceed 3.0% or even 3.5% by year-end. We continue to view high quality, shorter-term bonds with ample liquidity as the most prudent investment option in volatile markets.Over the past few decades, the nature of investment in many developed markets, including the U. These characteristics of intangibles help explain some perplexing relationships in today’s economy.As the authors explain, “one of the most troubling and widely talked about trends in economics at the moment is secular stagnation: the fact that business investment is stubbornly low despite every indication that it shouldn’t be.” In the past, when interest rates were low, investment spending increased.The rest were now blended into one Party with the Conservatives, with one organisation, under the joint designation of the ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’. Gladstone, with all his eloquence and genius, twice – in 18 – failed to carry Home Rule Bills.

In contrast, investments in tangible assets, such as machinery, trucks or warehouses, are capitalized on corporate balance sheets and depreciated over long periods of time.

Understatement of intangible investment has led to undervaluation of intangible assets.

Many intangibles, like non-public consumer data, research and development and large user networks are increasingly valuable but difficult to measure.

In the old days a very large proportion of the Protestants of the North, like their Scottish cousins, were Liberals who held strong views on Land Reform and other questions, but they held fast to the Act of Union. Gladstone’s first Home Rule Bill, when the Unionists of Northern Ireland declared their determination to resist by force any attempt to place them under an Irish Parliament.

The old battle-cry, said to have been coined by Lord Randolph Churchill, was revived by the new prospect of Home Rule: ‘, and declared their determination to defy the authority of an Irish Parliament if and when it should be established.

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