Club foot dating

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Club foot dating

I told them I had several of my own full shows, some of which had won awards, and they just did not care. If we are comparing me to, say, an average-size feature, I think our nights can be surprisingly the same.I make a similar amount of money, get a similar amount of lap dances and merchandise sales.It still, to me, seems like it's very OK to make fun of little people or midgets.

I also love being on the go -- so the travel is great. I've been speaking a lot about how I feel like little people are still one of the most marginalized groups of people out there.

I went up to the producer that night after that show, and two months later found myself performing in my first burlesque show.

I did burlesque consistently from 2007 on, and always with the desire for more.

She hooked me up with my first gig/agent and I was thrilled because featuring to me was, and still is, the best of both worlds.

The thrill of a strip club where I can do all my burlesque acts and more.

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I've always held myself to the same standard as all the other features.