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You just know when the moment is right for a first kiss.

If the conversation stops and your eyes lock, it may be the right moment for your first kiss.

You don’t need to be locked away in a back room for your first kiss, but your date will appreciate a bit of privacy.

If you’re in a public place, it’s simple enough to find a spot that’s not completely crowded.

If you’ve gone on a dinner date, try to stay away from fragrant foods with garlic, unless of you have garlic.

Carry a tin of mints or minty gum with you to ward off any evil smells — share some with your date, too!

Just as you moment for a first kiss — avoid a moment that could turn into something awkward.

If you gaze into your date’s eyes and lean in slowly, you’ll get your answer right away whether or not your date’s ready for the kiss.

Your sexual drive will be at its peak during these first few months of attraction to this person. Group dates aren’t just for high school kids who can’t drive. Guys should have an older guy that is pouring into them and giving them wisdom during this time and vice versa for girls. Be creative during these months with the dates you go on. That would be the worst if you got caught by her folks. You’ve asked them out, and you had a great date — what next? This wouldn’t be a proper first kiss tips list without a lecture on good breath.The first kiss can be nerve-racking and exhilarating, but it can also end in disaster if you’re not careful. Nothing is worse than terrible breath when you go in for that first smooch. Don’t feel like you have to touch or hold hands, etc. The guy should always open EVERY door for the girl (i.e., car door, restaurant door, etc) The guy should always pay. Side hugs are great first date ‘touching’ ice-breakers. Don’t seclude yourselves where you are not around people.

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