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Chelsea dating joe

You probably remember Chelsea Kane (formerly known as Chelsea Staub) from her breakout role in The Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel show Jonas, but since then, she's starred in a number of your favorite hit TV shows, scored third place on Season 12 of Dancing With the Stars, and now has a starring role as Riley in the ABC Family sitcom Baby Daddy. Has anything super awkward ever happened when you're taping in front of a live audience? So that was one of my favorites, the very first one. A., probably the one where we got to take the helicopter ride. And reading the script I was like, Psh, how are they going to do this? So we definitely keep in touch, and, you know, reach out, text, etc. You’ve had a lot of roles on various TV shows (One Tree Hill, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jonas, etc.) — what was your favorite experience and why? One Tree Hill was really cool, because I was actually working with my boyfriend at the time. CK: My favorite place in the world is this store called My Sister's Closet in Arizona and it's the greatest secondhand shop in the world.Chelsea recently stopped by Buzz Feed New York to give us an inside look into her world, on set and off — everything from crazy moments while filming to what her AIM screen name was back in the day.1. I'm definitely more of a guy's girl — it's drama-free (laughs) and I have a couple great girlfriends — but I think I relate to my character Riley in the sense that I would prefer to hangout with a group of guys, so I think you can be friends. There were a couple pranks we played on set once in a while. So, Derek won last year, which made me extremely upset because I am a huge perfectionist. CK: Um, it's usually probably something from Jean-Luc, because we forget we're mic'd. And then they picked us up in a helicopter on top of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and flew us all over the city. And we shot the show in North Carolina, and it's really fun. I think the worst ever — do you remember the TV show American Dreams? Why did I pick my fifth-grade screen name to represent me professionally? So, I like finding cool, one-of-a-kind pieces like that.Ironically enough, Chelsea and Joe met at a bar in Midtown, Tallahassee during their senior year of college at Florida State University.If you believe in love at first sight, then this was one of those moments.And I went one time and I was a mess through the whole thing; I was such a ball of nerves and I'm like, I'm not even doing it anymore! And also Melissa — plus she's so funny, and I always love seeing how people are in the packages before they dance, in the rehearsal process, and I think Melissa would just have golden moments in that. And I heard it for the first time live, and couldn't believe it, and it totally worked! Note to guys: The band thing does really work sometimes.21. Yeah we did a Travelodge commercial about safety tips. Vanessa was in the commercial, and we were pen pals for like a year! S.," they had to learn all of this karate, and looking back on it, I have the greatest videos of them like rolling around, practicing their karate on the sound stage. We don't get to see each other as often as I'd like, but yeah, Nick has come to watch a taping of Baby Daddy, and we've gone skiing together. Her full name WA Chelsea Kane Staub, but family and friends called her Chelsea Kane. Since Jonas LA ended, she thought it would be the perfect time to change her last name to what most people called her. No, The 21-year-old actress has officially changed her professional name to Chelsea Kane , on Dec. Born Chelsea Kane Staub , she's been known by her family and friends as just Chelsea Kane . Her full name WA Chelsea Kane Staub, but family and friends called her Chelsea Kane. is ending, she felt this is the perfect time to make the switch.

She has been in a few Disney Channel Movies, but currently she plays Stella in the TV show Jonas. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.As much as I'm not a fan of Chelsea Handler, I have to admit that she does a killer interview.She said it wasn't awkward because they only dated for like a month (which I actually didn't know), and then followed a series of questions that I think would've tripped up almost any other celebrity, especially one as young as Demi. Most celebrities either answer her questions and embarrass themselves or just sit there and laugh quietly, but not Demi!With sincerity, sensitivity, and a great sense of humor, Chelsea and Joe are an incredible couple I met while shooting their Pittsburgh PA wedding photography.

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