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Chat request from 42

In such cases you can use Inline Keyboards that are integrated directly into the messages they belong to.

Unlike with custom reply keyboards, pressing buttons on inline keyboards doesn't result in messages sent to the chat.

Please remember that your bot needs to be able to process commands that are followed by its username.

In order to make it easier for users to navigate the bot multiverse, we ask all developers to support a few basic commands.

Instead, inline keyboards support buttons that work behind the scenes: callback buttons, URL buttons and switch to inline buttons.

All they need to do is start a message with your bot's username and then type a query.

You can also try the @sticker and @music bots to see for yourself.

You can use bots to accept payments from Telegram users around the world.

Here are some custom keyboard examples: There are times when you'd prefer to do things without sending any messages to the chat.

For example, when your user is changing settings or flipping through search results.

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