Canada dating lavalife

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Canada dating lavalife

That is simply amazing, without any charge I will definitely use it again As Greg Sterling wrote at "This kind of post is ineffective because it’s so clearly written by someone associated with the company.

And I can get SMS numbers sent to my phone, and get connected to the number I needed, and have an operator when they could not find my number.

I used to use 411 Free all the time, but Google has better speech recognition, no ads, and the texting feature.

Everything in the original post is still good and true, but 1-800-Free411 just added a new component to their service: category search.

Americans make six billion 411 calls a year and only 3% of them are using the Free411 service.

My guess is most people thought this was a cool idea when they first heard about it but never bothered to try the service.

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if you asked for Dominoes Pizza listing, you might get a Pizza Hut ad before you get the number you wanted). Listen to the result: (If you can't use the audio player above, here's the link to the recording.) The voice recognition technology is excellent, but live operator assistance is also available when the computer is not up to the task.