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He was named “Abraham” and now permanently lives at the AEF as an educational ambassador as the grandchild of Independence & Franklin. Later that year, during the government shutdown of 2013 (Oct 1-13), a land developer illegally (intentionally) chopped down the Eagle pair’s nest tree so he could develop the land.

The sibling required one year of rehabilitation and was released into the wild in 2014 (watch the video https:// 2013-2014: The pair built a new nest in the same general area, but several miles from their original nest tree.

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Orders after 5.30pm Friday will arrive in store by Tuesday.2012-2013: “Lady Independence” and “Sir Hatcher” build a second nest in the same tree. The two little eaglets were thriving, and had reached the age of 6 weeks when another huge storm passed through.Unfortunately, the nest was severely damaged and both eaglets fell to the ground.John Prickett immediately checked on the nest after the storm had passed, and notified Al Cecere.Together, along with AEF staff members Michelle Bauer and Karen Wilbur, they combed through the thick thorn brush below the nest in search of both eaglets.


However, it seems that the pair had plans of moving…just 600 feet away to a newly built nest!