Calm caring collected cool dating woman

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Calm caring collected cool dating woman

A Capricorn is physically very passionate, but will have difficulty in dealing with emotionality.Although a Capricorn will never admit it, he craves affection.

She is one woman in the zodiac who can be beautiful, sexy, intelligent, practical, loving, shy, and reserved; all at the same time.This sign is compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.The ambitious, hardworking, reliable, goal-oriented, focused nature of a Capricorn makes him an excellent employee and boss at the workplace.A Capricorn male is goal-oriented, ambitious, and focused. He loves to lead rather than be in a sub-ordinate position for a long time.He does not believe in taking unnecessary risks, and would rather prefer to patiently work his way towards success.

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If you have known him for a longer time, you must have noticed that he seems to have an impregnable wall around him.