C validating close maria russia married dating

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C validating close

It happens because of the fact that I assigned acceptbutto property to my Ok button.

Everytime I hit Close[X]box the messagebox still appears.

The problem is that I have to validate texts entered in all textboxes.

I want to do that if user click Ok button(which is accept Button).

At this point the validation should work fine but any attempt to close the form will trigger validation which will stop and insist for valid values before being able to close the form. b) Before the regular 'this.close();' instruction, add the 'Auto Validate = Auto Validate. This instruction disables all 'validating' triggers. Note that the 'btn Cancel_Click' event is triggered before any validation is taking place.

That is not so for the Form Closing events that will all execute after validating events.

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You can then enter the code in the automatically generated handler with a name combining both the name of the control and '_Validating'.