Brian atwood nate berkus still dating

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Brian atwood nate berkus still dating

Nate Berkus has gone to a lot of sports-memorabilia conventions over the years.

But he's not a collector or a dealer, and doesn't even like sports: He's just a loving, supportive son.

' I think part of me always knew [ interior design was my calling ] , but as a kid growing up, I didn't know these opportunities even existed,' Berkus said.

' I grew up in suburban Minneapolis and my mom [ Nancy Golden ] was an interior designer, so I was always exposed to the arts, design, furniture and textiles.

' I think it will be a success if people respond to the designs, the color combinations, the textures, the ideas, plus the quality and pricing of the line.

' I think the [ the new product line ] is really geared for everybody.

' I've been researching [ the bedding ] for a year, testing and sampling.

We're offering custom upholstery at extremely affordable prices, so people can buy something on TV and then customize it to fit their home.

In some ways, [ we've ] sort of gone full-circle,' Berkus said. 13, HSN will launch an exclusive new line of home décor and furniture from Berkus.

Of course, that's famed designer Nate Berkus, known for the work he's done for both high-profile private clients and well-known public spaces.

I always knew I would do something creative because when I'm not doing something creative ... So, for me, there has to be constant visual stimulation, and that has to be constantly changing, just for my own personal happiness.

' When I did my very first collection for Linens & Things, I was much more nervous about that because it was something I had never done before.

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