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Brenda song sprouse dating

The film is about two teenage girls living in suburbia who accidentally exchange cell phones with a famous teen musician.She later said: "When Stuck came out it was crazy 'cause we went to Six Flags and we were there and so many kids recognized us from Stuck in the Suburbs, I'm like wow that movie must have done really well." In 2005, Song began appearing in the role of spoiled heiress London Tipton in the Disney Channel Original Series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.As a young girl, Song wanted to do ballet, while her younger brother wanted to take taekwondo.She said, "My mom only wanted to take us to one place," so they settled on taekwondo.Although the film was criticized for its "frightening myths about adoption", and appeared in the Disney Channel movie Get a Clue.

Stay tuned to find out who our other mystery guest is when the episode goes online tonight! XTo6Q75o This is one of my most favorite articles ever. Song started in show business as a child fashion model.Her early television work included roles in the television shows Fudge (1995) and 100 Deeds for Eddie Mc Dowd (1999).The film stars rapper Bow Wow as an orphan who can suddenly play NBA-level basketball.Song portrays the character Reg Stevens, a thirteen-year-old orphan.

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She had a recurring role as Tia in the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future, appearing in seven episodes of the series in 20.