Boys and boys dating in tamil Fuck chat withou signing

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Boys and boys dating in tamil

Munna (Siddharth Narayan), Babu Kalyanam aka Bob Galy (Bharath), Juju (Nakul), Krishna (Thaman) and Kumar (Manikandan) are five friends.They come from different backgrounds – Munna from a middle-class family, Bob Galy from a Telugu-speaking family, Juju from an academic-achieving family, Krishna from a rich family and Kumar from a poor family.Everyone’s try ends in disaster, but they eventually become friends with her.However, Munna is still in love with Harini and cannot forget her.They do it for the money and soon get arrested under POTA.They are subsequently expelled from their colleges.He conveys his feelings to her while on a day-out in a resort, but she rejects him.Later, Harini's friend tells Munna that Harini would accept him only if he streaks on Mount Road, which was not true. When Harini finds out what Munna had done, she bails him out on jail and accepts his love.

One day, the boys see a teenage girl, Harini (Genelia D'Souza), who is a science student, and all of them decide to ask her out.Meanwhile, Harini agrees to marry her maternal uncle.The gang's album soon releases and becomes a huge hit.The teenagers form a band named "Boys", making modern versions of popular Tamil devotional songs, and eventually gain recognition.Soon, they are approached by a Naxalite group to make songs against the government.

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As the prostitute is the only one who can prove that Munna did not have sex with her, the friends begin searching for her.