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Eventually Malachy headed to Lismore to revise and sharpen his knowledge of the canon under the teaching and advice of well-known scholar Bishop Malchus.

He goes on to further explain that the bishop was later acknowledged as performing two miracles, one wherein he healed a young boy of a mental disorder who later became his porter, and another wherein, Though his trip to Lismore was meant for a time of quiet learning, Malachys was not idle there, taking opportunities to speak out on current affairs within the Church that concerned him, and was often sent by Malchus himself,to preach the word of God to the people and to correct many evil practices which had developed over the years. To reform the clergy he instituted regulations concerning celibacy and other ecclesiastical discipline, and reinstituted the recitation of the canonical hours.

After his arduous journey from Ireland to Rome, only a brief respite at the Clairvaux Abbey in the Valle d Absinthe had given him hope.

In 1119, he declared Malachy vicar-general and entrusted him with the duty of reforming the diocese while he was away.As the years progressed, Malachy continued his studies under the mentorship of Imar (also spelled Imhar) OHaglan: a man who focused his teachings on renouncing earthly pleasures to preserve the eternal soul.Following in OHaglans ascetical footsteps, Malachy showed astute perception within the walls of the cathedral and the shabby cell beneath where OHaglan spent his days like a hermit.If this utterance is not apocryphal, then it predates the schism between the Church of England and the Catholic faith by four centuries and implies that Anglicanism will falter sometime in our near future when the final pope finishes his reign.The bishopric was considered one of Irelands blackest holes for the faith.

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He had requested permission from his holiness to end his days with his loyal friend Bernard in retreat at the abbey.

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