Benicio del toro dating ana armas online dating vs traditional dating statistics

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Benicio del toro dating ana armas

“I was enjoying myself and, at the same time, trying to look at myself from the outside like, ‘Are you really getting to do this?’ ” In May, de Armas was in Miami for , a Todd Phillips-directed crime caper co-starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.Luckily everybody liked it, and they liked it a lot.It was one of the most-watched series in Spain for four years, and of course a number of doors opened up for me thanks to it. What were the circumstances that allowed you to join the cast of that series?Sometimes I get crazy desires to return, to again spend year after year there and to again study all those wonderful things that I would take more advantage of now.HT: Do you think that your initial training at the National School of Theater in Cuba contributed to some degree in the producers of “El Internado” believing in you.As they say here, it was like “arriving and kissing the saint” [roughly, “beginners luck”], but I’ll always be grateful to Luis San Narcissus for that opportunity.HT: After having been able to appreciate the outcome of the TV series, what conclusions did you draw from that experience?

I believe that this smile that comes to me will never fade!Recent stints include time in Washington Heights, New York, filming , a boxing biopic that stars Robert De Niro.“It was a dream come true,” she says of working with such a legend.AA: When I got to Spain I only had two friends and my representative.So the first few days after going through all the excitement of being in a new country, I began to miss my family and friends.

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But fortunately after about two weeks I was told that a casting director named Luis San Narcissus wanted to see me concerning a character for a new series.