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It was the early club shows that built the band into what it will be at Madison Square Garden, and Gibbard says his first time in the city was as relevant and memorable as playing any big-box venue could be.

“At that point in my life I was 23, I had been to New York once, and it was still this unfathomably large, vast, intimidating place,” Gibbard says.

Clarke handled most of the instrumentation on his debut LP.

This is well exemplified on "Cash For Gold," where he plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and lap steel alongside producer Jonathan Rado of Foxygen.

Recalling the early work of The Beatles amongst other British Invasion alums, mid-western born and New York-based Max Clarke aka Cut Worms sounds like a lost treasure from the 60's.

I had an image of cannonball that had its inertia overcome by gravity and was starting to free-fall from way up high.” Check it out.

Loose and freewheeling artist Michael Nau (and his band The Mighty Thread) has finally taped a live show favorite "Less Than Positive." Recorded on the final day of sessions, this existential love song came together without overdubs, much like the way they play it live.  We begin our new releases potpourri show with Brazilian vocalist Diana Purim and her band Eyedentity—a name inspired by an earlier album by her famous parents, percussionist Airto Moreira and singer…

“It was like, ‘God, no wonder I didn’t get laid in college, look at this haircut.’ It’s just so bad, you know?

” As Death Cab for Cutie creeps up on its own nineteenth birthday as a band, Gibbard is talking about what it’s like to play songs he wrote a decade ago — songs that are still gut-wrenching enough to listeners old and new that he and the band will be playing their biggest New York show yet, at Madison Square Garden on September 12.

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LA-based Coby Brown talks about his new song "Cannonball" by saying: “The idea for the music came out of a different project I was working on.

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