Belinda dating home

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Belinda dating home

However, as I repeatedly told my friends later on, almost as if I needed to convince myself, he was a Dodger. As any self-respecting Giants fan can tell you, that is exactly why you don't want to date him. In other words, if you were determined to date an ugly baseball boyfriend, Belinda, I'm glad you chose a Dodger.

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Yes, long before Matt Kemp and Rihanna, there was Mike Marshall and Belinda Carlisle. I still didn't recognize his name, but I knew the Dodgers. Without him knowing, I tooted up during the call and spewed what I described as my coke rap.

When I asked him to tell me about being a Dodger, he explained he was considered a good player, and that he'd actually won the minor league Triple Crown the year before and was now in the major leagues, which was pretty exciting. I liked the back-and-forth volley with this strange man.

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Mike Marshall, outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, 1981-1989. From Lips Unsealed: One night I received an unexpected call in my hotel room from a young man who said his name, Mike Marshall, and then paused in a way where I could tell he expected me to recognize who he was. As a girl who was never able to get the football player in high school, I realized I had something even better on the line: a professional ballplayer. Our conversations quickly moved past playful flirtations and turned into more intimate explorations.

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