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I figured there must be a Hollywood trainer who specializes in the Geek-to-Superhero Workout.In fact, the transformation has gotten so common that there are several.

He's a fortysomething black man with a huge hipster beard and a collection of sleeveless hoodies. We use dumbbells and machines almost exclusively and never too much weight."Putting on ten pounds of muscle would take years without drugs," Harley says.And since I'm "not naturally an NFL lineman," as he kindly puts it, Harley is going to focus on making me proportional, which he says is typical for most actors. "And Chris Hemsworth and The Rock." But he can make me look like a camera-ready Tobey Maguire or *Fight Club-*era Brad Pitt. I spend more than 0, my cart overflowing with spinach, apples, pears, nonfat Greek yogurt, oranges, limes, quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds, frozen berries, almond butter, tuna packed in water, chicken breast, flank steak, sliced turkey, smoked salmon, broccoli, protein powder, egg whites, freeze-dried peas, and very thin crackers made in Scandinavian countries.I'm guessing Hollywood trainers aren't great at math.I show up at Harley's West Hollywood office, which is in a garage attached to his gym.

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He says that interval training is slightly better than straight-up aerobics but is basically pushed by people who need something to write about in fitness magazines. Looking like a superhero, it turns out, isn't so much about effort as about restraint.

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