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Batista dating

Rumor In this version, Melina and Morrison never broke up, but Morrison allowed or "loaned" Melina to Batista while Batista was still married to his wife (Pro Wrestling Torch, h/t Ringside News).

Batista's marriage was ruined, and apparently this held Morrison back from his main event push.

I believe Melina simply made that statement because she was a Diva currently employed to the WWE while Stratus retired back in 2006.

Morrison cold-shouldering Stratus was his own choice, and he's an adult who decided to side with his girlfriend over being a professional, which places the blame on Morrison, not Melina.

In between, some fans will have information from both versions mashed together while still painting the image of Melina being only a piece of tail.

Fans are so quick to jump into the act of accusing Melina of shameful acts when all that occurred was the normal dissolution of couples to her dating someone new for a while.

The Morrison fans celebrated on the streets when the news broke that she was future endeavored.

In my mind, there really two versions of this so-called Morrison/Melina/Batista "controversy." One version is the truth where it's nothing more than a break-up leading to a fling, then ending in the original couples getting back together.

The relationship didn't last long thus Melina and Morrison worked out their differences and continued back to being a couple.

Let's say John Morrison was in Melina's position instead!

Let's say he broke it off with Melina and at that time went and had a fling with Torrie Wilson.

Even if she did hook up with Dave while he was married or dated him while still with Morrison, then she simply made a mistake, as she only human.

Wrestle Mania 27 saw Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Trish Stratus and John Morrison defeat Dolph Ziggler and Lay Cool (Layla and Michelle Mc Cool).

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Of course, these same so-called fans make their routine bathroom breaks during Divas matches and routinely say they suck.

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