Baghdad battery carbon dating

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Baghdad battery carbon dating

- The uses for such an object are nothing but supposition.

Some claim that it could be used to trick unsuspecting worshippers into believing in the power of their priests; without hard evidence, or evidence of any other kind, it’s just as likely that this theory is a manifestation of the execrable and irrational hatred that some men of science hold for religion in general.

- There is no evidence to suggest the involvement of UFOs or paranormal phenomena in general.

Therefore it was with great trepidation that I read of the “Baghdad Battery”.

The claim that it was used as a power source is specious, at best, and the fact that no one really knows when or where the object came from should alone be a source of great caution when discussing it.

More study on the object is needed, but I think that for the time being we can all be agreed that the museum in Baghdad has more pressing issues on its plate at the moment.

These objects pass through a stopper made of asphalt at the neck of the jar. So how did this little metal-containing bucket get such a grand name?

Well, if one were to fill the vessel with an acid (such as some fruit juices) or an akali (such as ashes mixed with water), a chemical reaction would take place that would create electricity.

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As an engineer, it is rather embarrassing for me to admit that I have no idea how a battery works.

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