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While I wrote the original version of this article, I can see that the emphasis might be wrong for an encyclopedia.

Wiki Fur is trusted in part because we talk about the things which would never make a convention's press kit.The fact that some might object to the topic of such a game is not grounds for removal.To be blunt, porn is part of our fandom's history, it is present today, and it is likely to remain prominent in years to come.Play well, and you can get almost everything (and a high score).Play poorly, and you'll end up with few points or a "game over" trip to jail. Bgoldnyxnet , 10 September 2011 (EDT) Let's see new pedophilic furry bullshit, Green Reaper endorsing it and saying It's Awwwwwright Eh nothing out of ordinary in the wonderful world of Jackasses dressed as magic rainbow weasel or hermaphrodite whale princess.

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the article should be everything you stated above, not an instruction manual of sorts.