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As a catcher, [language] is my main weapon, because if I couldn't communicate with pitchers, I wouldn't be able to do anything." "I always surrounded myself with the American players, and I think that's what helped me.

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Dodatkowo można skorzystać z wielu dodatków, które jeszcze bardziej rozszerzają możliwości tego pięknego programu.- Zmiana rozmiaru zdjęć (zmniejszanie) - Otwieranie plików *.sxw, *.odt, *.ods, * These templates are in no way embedded into the software.

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The parser imports data from Excel files (versions 5.0/97/2000/XP).

Imported Excel data types are: integer, float, string (compressed Unicode,8-bits per character, or uncompressed Unicode, 16-bits per character, formats), date, time, percent, formula (returns digits only).

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