Average dating time before breakup Want to make sex chat with aunty

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Average dating time before breakup

Frankly, even that 94% is conservative, since many of the women in the other 6% are ones who move far away and never move back.So if you don’t count those, my return rate is damn near 100%. There are many reasons, since I use all the correct relationship techniques.If she’s single or has an Old Boyfriend, then I will send her a quickie text with a casual comment like, “I just saw a girl walk down the street who looked just like you.” Sometimes I even just say, “How’s it going?” It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you are non-needy, outcome independent, and don’t compliment her.Just wait until she dumps his ass (which she will), or worst case, wait until New Boyfriend becomes Old Boyfriend.Women rarely cheat on New Boyfriends, but women cheat on Old Boyfriends all the time.Completely ignoring her ensures her attraction for you doesn’t go down. This goes double if she’s dumped you for another guy.

Feel her out and find out why she’s contacting you.If you get serious resistance to the idea of her coming over or seeing you, terminate the conversation as fast as you can and reset the four-month ignore timer again.Eventually, if you do this as I’m describing, you have sex with her again.If she’s contacting you for a purely logistical reason, like she wants her leather jacket she left at your house for a date with her New Boyfriend on Saturday, then robotically address the logistics as fast as you possibly can and then terminate the conversation as fast as possible.Then start the four-month ignore timer all over again.

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“Many” is at least four, often six to eight months.