Asp net datasource onupdating

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Asp net datasource onupdating

When I go to change something in the info it uses an sql statement that updates based on "Where Account User Name = @Account User Name", I have @Account User Name set to Profile("Username").Keep in mind this works fine for adding new or bring up current records.This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.Yes, the update statement hasn't changed, here it is if it helps: UPDATE TMP_Customer Profiles SET Billing First Name = @Billing First Name, Billing MI = @Billing MI, Billing Last Name = @Billing Last Name, Billing Company Name = @Billing Company Name, Billing Address = @Billing Address, Billing City = @Billing City, Billing State = @Billing State, Billing Zip = @Billing Zip, Billing Day Phone = @Billing Day Phone, Billing Night Phone = @Billing Night Phone, Shipping First Name = @Shipping First Name, Shipping MI = @Shipping MI, Shipping Last Name = @Shipping Last Name, Shipping Company Name = @Shipping Company Name, Shipping Address = @Shipping Address, Shipping City = @Shipping City, Shipping State = @Shipping State, Shipping Zip = @Shipping Zip, Shipping Day Phone = @Shipping Day Phone, Shipping Night Phone = @Shipping Night Phone, Email Address = @Email Address where Account User Name = @Account User Name All of these parameters are tied to controls on the forms, and the @Account User Name parameter is tied to the profile username.The thing that confuses me about this is that when the records are created, the parameters are all the same, so im assuming it should update all the same.Either im pretty stupid, or this is some sort of a bug.

Sincerely, Kevin Yu Microsoft Online Community Support Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Mark as Not Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question." Select Command="SELECT DISTINCT [cftm_emp_name] FROM [rpc_extra_cf_team_members] ORDER BY [cftm_emp_name]" On Updating="Sql Data Source1_Updating" Update Command="UPDATE rpc_extra_cf_team_members SET cftm_emp_name = ? " The reason is that you are updating the primary key field named cftm_emp_name, which you are using as Data Key Names="cftm_emp_name" in your case.The field of the table that we use as Data Key Names of Grid View acts as primary key of the table.The function being called (Save Pipeline User) only expected 4 parameters and was getting 6 in total.This was occuring even though I had placed Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" or Old Values Parameter Format String="" within the Grid View's attributes.

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I have a grid view that is bound to Sql Data Source. When I’m updating a row I’m getting error: Procedure or function Upsert Site Map has too many arguments specified.

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