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Asian speed dating dc

All are expected to give evidence for the Websters in the High Court over the next few weeks.

Racial intimidation and violence, they say, was commonplace and escalated into a mass fight on the school tennis courts after Asian gang members threatened 'warfare' against white pupils.

Daniel’s family issued pictures of the teenager lying seriously ill in hospital with a fractured skull and fractured eye socket.

They say the nerves behind his eyes have been damaged and he could be left with impaired vision. Without provocation one of the men produced a knife and made a threatening gesture at the teenagers through the window, suggesting they were going to have their throats cut.

Henry will settle for that because the alternative would have meant not being here at all.

This is the only upside of being attacked with a claw hammer that left an inch-deep impression on his skull.

When she reported her fears about the Asian gang causing racial tensions to teacher Dawn Blackler, her reaction, she claimed, was abrupt to the 'point of being rude'.

Had this not been the case, Henry's parents insist, their son would probably not have sustained brain damage outside the school tennis courts one day in January nearly three years ago.There's no suggestion that these poisonous views were shared by the majority of the Asian pupils at Ridgeway - in fact, bar the members of the gang who attacked Henry, there were generally very good relations between the Asian and white pupils. Equally, there are inevitably white children at the school who have been guilty of reprehensible behaviour.But the disturbing, and disproportionate, influence the Broad Street Massive is said to have exercised over the life of Ridgeway School is revealed in statements summarised in court papers obtained by the Mail, from parents, pupils and former staff.Those responsible, she claimed, were not disciplined, which meant they continued to pick on her son.Taylor, on the other hand, was disciplined for wearing an England football shirt to school - because it contravened the rules on uniform - while pupils from ethnic minorities, she says, were not punished for wearing hoodies or listening to music on their mobile phones.

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Henry Webster was a strapping 6ft 2in rugby player, not someone who struggled to string sentences together and had to be given painkillers to complete his evidence.