Arranged mariages and internet dating dating in todays world

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Arranged mariages and internet dating

The Romans began making inroads into North Africa, declaring a new kingdom called Numidia. The Arabs swept across North Africa in the seventh century (during the lifetime of Muhammad, who died in 632), and again in the eleventh century.

The Berbers put up resistance, particularly to the edict that both religious and political leaders could only be Arabian.

The star, crescent, and the color green are all symbolic of the Islamic religion. The Berbers were the original inhabitants of the region.

The first invaders were the Phoenicians, whose empire covered the area that is today Lebanon.

The name Algeria is derived from the name of the country's oldest continuous settlement and modern capital, Algiers, a strategically located port city with access to both Europe and the Middle East.

Most of the population of the country is in the north. It borders Tunisia and Libya to the east; Niger, Mali, and Mauritania to the south; Morocco and Western Sahara to the west; and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.

Many people have given up on the conventional way to search for a mate and instead use websites such as e or to find someone.

They began establishing ports along the Mediterranean in 1200 .

They built the cities of Constantine and Annaba in the east of present-day Algeria, but aside from teaching the Berbers how to raise crops, for the most part they kept their distance from them.

By using the internet, these young adults from traditional cultures can easily find potential partners who would be accepted by their parents.

By using this method called “assisted” arranged marriage, the younger generations can have the freedom to choose who they spend their life with, while still maintaining some respect to their culture’s tradition.

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The vast expanse contains not only sand dunes and typical desert life such as snakes, lizards, and foxes, but also oases, which grow date and citrus trees. Ethnically it is fairly homogeneous, about 80 percent Arab and 20 percent Berber. The Chaouias live in the Aurès Mountains, the M'zabites in the northern Sahara, and the Tuaregs in the desert. The original language of Algeria was Berber, which has varied dialects throughout the country.