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But die he did still a patient at Trenton State Hospital, where he spent the last 60 years of his life as Case No. Hundreds of documents released by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office last week at the request of The Inquirer are helping to fill in the portrait of the man often considered the first modern-day U. dressed in a brown suit and bow tie and armed with a 9mm German Luger and a grudge.In a matter of 20 minutes, in what was dubbed the “walk of death,” he killed 13 people — neighbors and strangers, including three children — and wounded three.6, 1949, Howard Unruh fully expected to die in the electric chair or — at best — spend the rest of his life in prison.What he did not want, he said, was to spend the rest of his days in an asylum. To be declared insane and remain in this building the rest of my life — well, I would rather have the chair,” he is quoted as telling a psychiatrist 17 days after the massacre in a report never before released to the public. Psychiatric and investigative reports, including his own long-sealed confession, expose unknown features of his mental landscape before and after the slaughter as well as support much of what is already known. 6, 1949, Unruh, 28, a 6-foot-tall jobless World War II combat veteran, left his house on River Road in Camden at a.m.

By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy.Within an hour of his arrest, he was sitting in the Camden Police Detective Bureau giving a confession to County Prosecutor Mitchell H. I went over to the shoemaker, pulled the gun and I shot him.” (Read actual transcript of Howard Unruh’s confession here.) He had been shot in a buttock but did not alert his captors until they noticed blood on him as he gave his confession.Cohen, details of which made it into the newspapers the next day with a rapidity unknown today. The next day, he was taken from Cooper Hospital to the Vroom Building for the criminally insane at Trenton State Hospital and committed — voluntarily. 7 on, a team of psychiatrists questioned him, at least twice with so-called truth serum drugs, to try to understand what would spark such an unspeakable crime.“Relatives were consoling me when I gave birth to my first daughter,” said Kirakosyan, a 27-year-old resident of the Armenian capital, Yerevan.The majority-Christian Caucasus country of some three million has the third highest rate of abortions of female foetuses in the world, a figure that rose sharply after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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