Archeaology dating a find

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— Working closely with Wanniyalaeto (Vedda) elders in Sri Lanka during the repatriation of skeletal remains, a team of researchers have demonstrated that while some indigenous hunter-gatherers in Sri ...— An ancient horse burial at Tombos along the Nile River Valley shows that a member of the horse family thousands of years ago was more important to the culture than previously thought, which provides ... — At 3.5 meters long and with a shoulder height of 1.7 meters, the cave bear was one of the giants of the Ice Age.Paleoanthropologists have found that these differences can provide information about the global dispersal ...— An untouched Bronze-Age burial mound has been discovered by chance.— A new article provides guidance for those intending to study ancient human remains in the Americas.

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The finding adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the hypothesis that humans used a ...

— Like passionate foodies who know the best places to eat in every town, Silk Road nomads may have been the gastronomic elites of the Medieval Ages, enjoying diets much more diverse than their ...

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