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If you want to read these messages without the app knowing, all you need to do is remove its ability to update and send new data - by way of the internet.

By switching your phone to Airplane Mode, you remove Facebook's ability to process the fact that you have opened a message, as it does not have the internet connection to do so.

This means that messages are already stored on your phone as soon as they are received, regardless of whether you have read them or not.

When that happens, it's time for the next cunning plan.

As mentioned before, once your phone receives a message, the information is loaded and stored in the Messenger app already.

To begin with, we’re increasing the number of people who can join a supergroup from 1000 to 5000 members. Supergroup admins can now inform all members about important news using pinned messages.

All members will get a notification — even if they muted ordinary messages from the group. From now on, they can quickly delete all messages from a specific member, block and report them.

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Once you have received a message, switch your phone to Airplane Mode, open up Messenger and read away without worrying about the person on the other end knowing you've see what they had to say.

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