Accuracy of early pregnancy dating scans Inbia sexsi chat

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Signs are that it will be an early baby (1/2way engaged, some mucus plug loss etc).My EDD via my LMP is at 25/09/ first scan at 11wks, gave me a EDD of 18/09/ NT scan 2 weeks later, had my due date at 22/09/09, and my 18-22 wk scan, done at 20 wks, had me at 23/09/09...I can safely say that my bubs is due anytime between the 18th and 25th of Sept....I know when both of my girls were conceived and worked out the "due date" from there - the scans showed a "due date" only one day out from our dates so they were pretty much spot on for working out conception dates.DD1 was "due" on Feb 26th but arrived 15 days earlier on Feb 11th. It really is hit and miss..just an estimate as others have said...been 'prepared' since about 37 i am, 40 weeks today and no sign of baby....take it as gospel, bubs could come 10-14 days after your EDD......thats all it is..a estimated due date... My dating scan with this bub at 8 weeks was really inaccurate, it gave me an EDD of 28/8/09 when by my dates I should have been due around 22/8/09.Looking at the scan and where the sonographer took the measurements you can see he didn't include the baby's head in the measurements .My 12 weeks u/s gave me an EDD of the 21/8/09 and my 20 week u/s gave me an EDD of 20/8/09, so my later scans seem much more accurate.(we are going with my LNMP date for 14th July, the scan says 16th I think) Oh and I'm measuring 2-3 weeks further along this time, too!

With my dd i had a scan at 6w1d and it dated her as 6w1d.

For some women there baby is just as baked at 37weeks as someone who is 42weeks pregnant.

Without inductions may women would even go 43-44weeks pregnant.

With my last DD my early scan at 7weeks gave me a EDD of 15th May.

She arrived spontaneously 19/4 at 36 3 looking not the slightest bit early (no vernix, fat etc) and weighing 8lbs.

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In the end - only the baby can determine the true due date, and it is not they that get it wrong, but the system.