Accommodating emotionally impaired

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Accommodating emotionally impaired

This is a proceeding in which all documentation about the child's disability as well as the specifics about the misbehavior in question are reviewed to decide if the misbehavior is directly connected to the disability.

Students eligible for special education services under the category of serious emotional disturbance may have IEPs that include psychological or counseling services as a related service. If the misbehavior that triggered the suspension or expulsion was found to be connected directly to a student's disability, they cannot be removed from services for more than ten days for that misbehavior.During the update meeting, the IEP team will facilitate a manifestation determination.This removal power is granted to the school so that they can protect their larger student body and staff population.Testing Accommodation In addition to disciplinary accommodation, there are other ways that children's various emotional, social, or behavioral needs may be accommodated.

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