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Access update query not updating

Occurs when a task is waiting for a communications backlog at the network layer to clear to be able to send messages.Indicates that the communications layer is starting to become overloaded and affect the database mirroring data throughput.Occurs when a task is waiting to access a file when an external backup is active. A count larger than five per user process may indicate that the external backup is taking too much time to finish.Occurs when a task is waiting on an event that is used to manage state transition.Lock and latch waits are waits on synchronization objects Queue waits Queue waits occur when a worker is idle, waiting for work to be assigned.

Examples of such areas are bitmaps, large binary objects (LOBs), and the spool iterator. Occurs when a full-text crawl needs to restart from a last known good point to recover from a transient failure.

Wait times may be long, from several minutes to several hours.

If the task that is being waited on is in an I/O process, this type does not indicate a problem.

Returns information about all the waits encountered by threads that executed.

You can use this aggregated view to diagnose performance issues with SQL Server and also with specific queries and batches.

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Occurs with parallel query plans when a consumer thread waits for a producer thread to send rows. Applies to: SQL Server (Starting with SQL Server 2016 (13.x) SP2, SQL Server 2017 (14.x) CU3), SQL Database Occurs with parallel query plans when synchronizing the query processor exchange iterator, and when producing and consuming rows.

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