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Surprise him by heading to the new restaurant in town everyone is raving about or go to an authentic Italian or Mexican spot for his favorite cuisine.Alternatively, if you can cook up a storm in the kitchen, make a homemade meal." So, I'd recommend you plan a special outing...maybe a trip to an amusement park, complete with hot dogs and ice cream and laughing and giggling together and screaming on the rides and getting wet on the water rides and trying to win stuffed animals..a trip to the zoo, if you like that sort of thing..spend the day at a baseball game eating peanuts...treat him to something fun that you can both enjoy and remember together. I'm thinking about surprising him at work and giving him a card with a poem in it or somethin'. I've had to double check to make sure you are not MY girlfriend!! I just tried to think of the little things that I know my gf likes doing. But I can't be because I race go-karts not dirt bikes... If I see you in MY restaurant, you are in big trouble. Although I might have an engagement ring in my pocket as well..... If he is a gamer, the new video game on his mind can be a perfect choice.

I'm not buying any gifts, but going for a holiday, and the day will be full of special things. Dinner at your place can serve as a more intimate setting than a restaurant atmosphere.Cook his favorite foods or a signature dish, set the table for two and play soft music in the background.Treat your boyfriend to an edible anniversary present.Think outside the box of your usual eateries for dinner.

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so it means a lot to me and I will let him know it does.

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