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Check this comparison tool ive found with purevpn, they don't seem to be upto date with what some of their servers are capable of.like with their perth server im able to connect using openvpn, while they deny black and blue that it can't be done.For most router brands they give guides for both PPTP and openvpn.Open VPN should always be used where available, in preference to either L2TP or PPTP.I've since looked into Pure VPN, they're based in Hong Kong (good or bad?), and seem to be a good alternative based on the aspects I mentioned above. I have found PIA good value for a couple of years now and see no reason to change. Whatever you choose read the TOS and the Privacy statements and don't be fooled by the "we don't keep logs but we keep some information for a month or two to help with our service delivery" which amounts to "we keep logs" I just got both PIA and Pure VPN recently.

A lot of "best vpn" sites take kick backs from those providers to say they are the best. The good news is after 5 years you can renew for another 5 at the same price) Who to reccomend is going to be different based on your requirements, if your requirements were frequent torrenting then I'd lean more towards PIA, but they aren't. With any VPN, just use the same key they tell you to use for Windows in your router and it will work fine.Torrents on Pure VPN also seem to download faster than on PIA based on my limited and unscientific tests. Pure VPN has a .50 Trial (don't think smart dns is included though):https:// While PIA has a 7-day money back guarantee:https:// I found a comparison tool where you can compare the features of VPN providers.Currently there is a comparison between Pure VPN vs PIA vs Vypr VPn hope this will help you guys to decide which one is good to use for your online security and freedom.After heaps of testing and research, I cannot recommend Buffered VPN enough:https://buffered.com/ Privacy – top notch, they don't log any activity.I've confirmed via their support and their execs: They have AUS servers!! I've just finished downloading a couple of things from Usenet at 8MB/sec via VPN (on Telstra speedpack). Support is A for anything tricky they're very technically competent, and for anything strategic, you are often given direct email access to execs – quite awesome!

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So, choose the best one, who has all of these things. However I can tell you the parameters to compare VPNs: • Connection Speed• Connection stability• Logs Policy• Total numbers of IPs and servers offered• Encryption level• User-friendliness• Bandwidth limits• Protocols Supported• Platforms Supported• Customer Support I currently use PIA as it's cheap, doesn't log, allows 5 connections, has a linux client (that's moderately reliable), has a decent range of servers, good speeds in my experience, and allows for anonymous payment if you're that way inclined.